Meeting Minutes

Annual General Meetings



Held at 2pm at the Fairground Hall on 17th May 2016

1.      Apologies for absence. Chris & Bob Briggs, Brian & Helen Stuart and June Cowie.

2.      Minutes of AGM 19th May 2015. The minutes of the previous AGM were accepted unanimously and signed by the Chair.

 3.      Matters arising. There were no matters arising.

 4.      Chair’s Report.

Good afternoon everyone. I am Pauline Eaton, the present Chair of Andover U3A, and it is my pleasure to welcome all of you to this AGM at which we also celebrate the 20th anniversary of our U3A. To help us do that we are delighted to have a special guest, the newly elected Mayor of Test Valley, Karen Hamilton, and the presence of our founder members John and Pat Barrell and Haydn Watkins. We also have, of course a celebration cake.

But before we enjoy ourselves we must get on with the business of the meeting, and that indeed is itself a pleasure. I can report to you that our U3A is in excellent health. We have approaching 480 members, there are now more than 40 interest groups and I think you will have noticed that our Treasurer, David Rae, has a smile on his face.

During the last year we have had speakers at ten of our monthly meetings and I would like to thank our Secretary, Peter Villalard for arranging these and indeed for putting together our programme for next year which looks very promising. We have occasional disappointments with speakers of course but mostly they are entertaining and informative, and occasionally surprising - I am thinking in particular of Stuart Mortimer’s demonstration of wood turning which left the platform deep in wood shavings.  Attendances at the monthly meetings have been increasing with our membership and we are keeping an eye on the capacity of the hall to accommodate us.

Our interest groups are self-governing and active. This year we have seen the start of a new Film Appreciation Group and a reformation of the Handywoman group, while walks, visits to theatres and gardens and exploration of our local villages continue to be very well supported. A new croquet group is being set up and we hope that will be underway for the summer months. You can see the amazing work of our Photography and Art Groups on the walls here and material from other groups is there for you to look at too. Groups are the lifeblood of any U3A and we are so grateful to the people who lead them. If you have ideas for a new group do contact Andy Hellyer and he will help you to get it underway.    I hope particularly that our new members – of whom we have had many this year - will get involved in taking us in new directions.

Our twice-yearly newsletter will tell you more about the activities of the Groups. Jill Hannington has taken on the editorship of it this year and I am sure you will have enjoyed the twentieth anniversary edition which she has produced. Please think about contributing to the next one – the more varied it is, the better. Jill will be delighted to receive your ideas.

I would now like to ask you to join me in thanking a number of the people who make this U3A work. First, the members of the Committee. I have mentioned Peter Villalard already. He is our Secretary and has also been our Vice-Chairman for the last 4 years. Our constitution requires him to stand down from that role this year and later in the meeting we shall have the opportunity to elect a replacement. Geoff Eddy, our membership secretary, carries a big administrative burden and also does a lot of our printing as well as hosting the Committee meetings. Then there are Sally Weeks, a source of thoughtful and practical advice, and John Oliver, who currently runs our website. I have already mentioned Andy Hellyer, our Groups Co-ordinator, David Rae our Treasurer and Jill Hannington, our newsletter editor. Jill would, I know, want me to thank on behalf of all of us Herbert Gardner whose help with the publication side of newsletter production is invaluable.

Next I know you will all want to thank Anne Hellyer who brilliantly masterminds the Christmas Party – a great success again this year – and who has made and decorated today’s celebration cake. Also Rita Hanna, who, unobtrusively and efficiently, together with a team of helpers, keeps us refreshed with tea and biscuits at our monthly meetings.  Not to mention the amazingly well drilled group of people who lay out and clear away the chairs and tables for our meetings here. We could not operate without them.

It is very clear to me that the essence of U3A is participation. Not everyone wants to lead a group or be on the Committee but I think that those who do get a lot of satisfaction, and fun, out of it and I would like to encourage more of you to give it a try. The key to a healthy and enjoyable third age is a good circle of friends and acquaintances, learning new things, and taking appropriate exercise. U3A facilitates all of those things within its motto of Learn, Laugh and Live. Please do your best to pass the U3A message on to anyone you know looking to enliven their own experience of the third age.

And, in conclusion, an especial thank you to all of you who have attended today, and to all our members who have helped to make this U3A so successful by being a part of it.

I now hand over to David Rae to give us his report as Treasurer.


  1. Treasurer’s Report.

 I thought I would do things slightly differently this year and leave the goboldy-gook for later.

You have a hand out which explains in simple terms where our money comes from and what we spend it on.   It’s headed ‘Basic’ Income/Expenditure because I have include only the major items to keep it simple.   Obviously if we spend less than our income in any year we make a surplus, and if we spend more than our income, we create a deficit.    In either case the surplus or deficit adjusts our current account opening bank balance that we started the year with, to reflect positively or negatively the balance carried forward at the end of the year.   This balance is identified in the Accumulated Fund in the formal balance sheet.

I hope you can see at little more than a glance our basic income and expenditure for last year and you may appreciate why as treasurers we always extol you to sign up for Grant Aid if you can.  Our expenditure is interesting in that we hand over more than half our income to HQ U3A in capitation fees and for the U3A Magazine.   You will note that we incurred an actual deficit of £211 last year and this was funded as previously explained by a reduction in our current account at the start of this year.

So we incurred a main account deficit last year - in itself not a cause for concern as we created a £325 surplus and a £540 deficit in the previous 2 years and overall our financial position remain in a healthy state, with some £6,700 held in our accumulated funds against an annual expenditure of say some £4,500.   The main causes of the change from surplus to deficit over the course of last year was an increase in the cost of speakers +£350 (this has fluctuated widely over the past few years - from £300 to over £700) and the £170 purchase of notice boards and the DVD player.

On a slightly more positive note, while the Events A/c also returned a deficit this was down to the vagaries of accounting as overall the Theatre Group does not run at a loss and the Christmas Lunch again turned in a profit.

Finally, Id like to give my usual thanks to the committee and those members who are involved in the collection/spending of monies on our behalf and who make my life easier by the proficient  manner in which they carry out those tasks, and also a big thank you to Diane Moore who audits the accounts so quickly and willingly each year.


6.      Election of Officers.

Election of new Vice-Chairman: John Oliver. Proposed by: Peter Villalard. Seconded by: David Rae. Elected unanimously.

            Re-election of Officers:

            Chair: Pauline Eaton

            Treasurer: David Rae

            Secretary: Peter Villalard

            Proposed by: John Oliver. Seconded by: Geoff Eddy.

            Elected unanimously.    

     7.    Election of Newsletter Editor: Newsletter Editor: Jill Hannington. Proposed by Pauline Eaton. Seconded by Peter Villalard. Elected unanimously.

            Re-election of Committee:

            Membership Secretary: Geoff Eddy

            Webmaster: John Oliver

            Groups Co-Ordinator: Andy Hellyer

            Member: Anne Hellyer

            Member: Sally Weeks 

            Proposed by: Geoff Eddy. Seconded by: Peter Villalard.

            Elected unanimously.

       8.  Election of Auditor:

            Dianne Moore

            Proposed by: Peter Villalard. Seconded by: John Oliver.

            Elected unanimously. 

      9.    Any Other business:

            a.       A number of parish notices were announced.

b.      John Bowman raised a concern over the insurance cover for individuals who organize events. The Chair and Secretary assured him that as long as all the people on an event organized and attended by U3A members they were fully covered. A non- member may attend a single event but must join the U3A thereafter. After note: a copy of the relevant insurances is to be sent to all Group Leaders.


The AGM ended at 1421hrs




Held at 2pm at the Fairground Hall on 16th May 2017

1.      Apologies for absence. Sally Cousins, Helen Norman, Morgan Hughes-Owens, Margaret & John Bowman, Denise Prince, David Rae, Karen Butler, Marion Kerley and Mary Riddle.

 2.      Minutes of AGM 17th May 2016. The minutes of the previous AGM were accepted unanimously and signed by the Chair.

 3.      Matters arising. There were no matters arising.

 4.      Chair’s Report.

      Good afternoon everyone and welcome to the twenty-first AGM of Andover U3A. I am Pauline Eaton, the present chair, and with me here is our Secretary Peter Villalard and our Vice Chairman John Oliver. 

      Our Treasurer David Rae cannot be with us today unfortunately.

During the last year your U3A has continued to grow and at the end of April the membership stood at 520. We don't know how big we can get before this Hall becomes too small for our monthly meetings but we are keeping an eye on that. The Third Age Trust believes strongly that everyone who has reached the Third Age should have the opportunity to join a U3A near to them and that has to be right. U3A provides enjoyment, companionship, exercise, and mental stimulation. That must help to relieve the pressure on the NHS for which we are often told an ageing population is responsible. So please continue to tell people about U3A and encourage them to join. If we begin to burst at the seams we shall have to give birth to a third U3A for the area.

We continue to have a good variety of groups, around 50 altogether. Several new groups have got under way this year, including Croquet, Ancient Civilisations, and Spanish for Beginners, and a monthly Quiz group which attracts around forty people. It can take a little while to get a new group off the ground though. We find that people can be a bit reluctant to come forward as group leaders. Please don't be. You don't need to be an expert in the subject concerned and it's an enjoyable way of meeting new people. And many groups share responsibilities in some way, taking it in turns to host meetings, give talks, or arrange walks.

We have made a couple of changes this year to the monthly meetings. There is now a table at the back every week where you can go to get information about groups and we hope that will have been particularly helpful to new members. And we are paying to have the chairs put away after the meeting which should give more time for socialising after the talks. We had received some feedback to the effect that new members sometimes found it difficult to feel part of Andover U3A at first and that members did not always find there was enough time to chat after the meetings. We hope these changes have helped.  

We have sought your views on two subjects this year - the type of talk you like to hear and the format of the Christmas lunch. We'll get back to you on the latter subject shortly when we have looked at the returns of our survey. As regards talks we have the impression that most people like to be entertained a lot and to learn a little. I think we have had a good selection this year on that basis - from history, through nature to song - although clearly some speakers go down better than others. Next year's programme is on your membership cards. If you hear of good speakers don't hesitate to let Peter know and he will put them on his list of possible speakers for future years. All the speakers we invite are suggested or recommended to us in some way.

I think we should now express our collective thanks to a number of people. To all our group leaders who keep our interest groups healthy, and especially to those of you who have taken over groups this year as previous leaders have stepped aside, to Rita and her team who provide refreshments so efficiently and charmingly each month, and to the team who used to get out and put away chairs and tables and are now getting a well-deserved rest. Thanks also to Jill Hannington, who is leaving the Committee this year, for being such a very professional newsletter editor, and also to Herbert Gardner who is responsible for its design and printing.

And I should like on your behalf to thank the various members of the Committee who each contribute in different ways, Peter as organiser in chief, John on the website, Geoff with the substantial administrative burden that being membership secretary involves, Andy as group coordinator, Anne who put together a splendid Christmas lunch again this year, and Sally, who despite moving house this year, has still managed to contribute perceptive comments to our discussions.

Before we come to the business of putting the Committee in place for next year I should say that we have had no one new come forward to stand. We do need a new editor for the newsletter and we may not be able to produce one in the autumn if we don't find a volunteer. It's a fun job; I enjoyed it when I did it, and either Jill or I will be happy to talk a new editor through what is involved. We are able to co-opt new Committee members during the year so if the spirit moves you to get involved please get in touch with one of us and come along to our meetings to see how that appeals. They are very friendly occasions. 

Finally thank you all for attending today. An AGM is not the most fun occasion but it is an essential part of our year and we appreciate your participation.


  1. Treasurer’s Report. (This report was read by The Vice-Chairman, John Oliver).

 Apologies for not being present.

 Our accounts remain healthy and as you are aware we have been able to retain the membership subscription at the current rate of £8 for a further year - one of the lowest membership rates around.

 For those interested in the figures, our main U3A A/c ran a planned deficit on the year of some £440, this despite an increase in subscription income of over £500.  Expenditure was up in: Administration - this is largely the cost of postage of our Spring/Autumn Newsletter and varies year on year dependant on block stamp purchasing; Monthly Meetings - cost of speakers (over £900); Direct Mail/Newsletters - increase in numbers and rising costs.    We also made a one-off contribution towards the cost of the Fairground Hall’s new PA system.

 Our U3A Event A/c also ran a deficit on the year of some £260 but this was due to 2 abnormal payments: Refund of a lost deposit when Breakers folded (£126) and Purchase of Croquet gear (£145) - the Christmas lunch and theatre trips both turned in a small surplus.   The good news here is that the Theatre A/c is again turning over as Paul Manning has taken up the role of Group Organiser.

 Following publication of the accounts last year your committee decided that the current level of reserve held in our accounts was too high and that in line with general U3A practice and advice these should be gradually reduced, initially to a reserve equivalent to 12 months expenditure.  The combined deficits in our accounts for the year was some £700 but our reserves are not yet down to the target of 12 months expenditure. 

 Our only other source of income after membership subscription comes from the Gift Aid I am able to reclaim from HMRC against our subscriptions - at £740 this is a significant sum.    So once again I’ll take the opportunity of extolling you to sign up for Grant Aid if you can (you must pay income tax) - the Membership Secretary - Geoff Eddy has the form.

 Finally I would like to thank all those involved in the collection/spending of monies, who make my job easier, by the proficient manner they carry out these tasks.   And also a big thank-you to Diane Moore who audits our accounts so quickly and willingly each year.

6.      Re-election of Officers:

            Chair: Pauline Eaton

            Vice Chairman: John Oliver

            Treasurer: David Rae

            Secretary: Peter Villalard

            Proposed by: Andy Hellyer. Seconded by: Geoff Eddy         



7.         Re-election of Committee:

            Membership Secretary: Geoff Eddy

            Webmaster: John Oliver

            Groups Co-Ordinator: Andy Hellyer

            Newsletter Editor: Post vacant

            Member: Anne Hellyer

            Member: Sally Weeks 

            Proposed by: Pauline Eaton. Seconded by: Peter Villalard


8.         Election of Auditor:

            Dianne Moore

            Proposed by: Peter Villalard. Seconded by: John Oliver

          9.            Any Other business:

                        a. Information on the overspill car park was given.

                        b. The value of the NOK/Medical cards was re-emphasized.

                        c. The referendum on the Christmas lunch was to close at 4pm today.

 The AGM ended at 1421hrs.



23rd May 2016 – 10am

Held at 102 Springfield Close, Andover

1. Present:  Pauline Eaton, Geoff Eddy, Jill Hannington, Andy Hellyer, Anne Hellyer, David Rae, Sally Weeks and Peter Villalard.

     Apologies: John Oliver.

2. Minutes of Previous Meetings: The Minutes of the meeting held on 15th February 2016 were agreed and signed by the Chairman.

3. Matters arising:

            a. It was decided to leave the wording of our constitution unchanged.

            b. All other actions had been completed.

4. Treasurer’s Report: The committee discussed the level of financial reserve that our group should hold.   As at the start of this financial year the groups accumulated fund stood at £6,757 while spend for FY2015/16 had been £4,424 - giving a reserve holding of 152% (or some 18 months of spending).   U3A advice is that a 6 month holding of running costs should be sufficient but that it is up to our committee to develop a policy on reserves and this should state the target in terms of months running costs and explain why the target has been agreed.

The committee agreed that the current level of reserve held was too high and that we should initially aim to gradually reduce this from 18 to 12 months, by seeking to purchase some capital equipment, making use of centrally held resources/aids and encouraging participation in courses.  Once the 12 month level had been achieved the committee would further review this policy.

5.  Secretary’s Report: The Secretary had nothing to report.         

6. Membership Secretary’s Report:  Membership stands at 474 as at today. 347 have paid their annual subscription leaving 127 still to do so.

7. Website Report: The website is up to date with new Committee now on and the new monthly speakers list.           

8. Newsletter Report:

a. Jill has prepared an article on our 20th anniversary for the 27th May edition of the Andover Advertiser.

b. A thank you letter has been received from the Mayor of TVBC.

c. A copy of the AA article will be sent to the Third Age Matters magazine.


9. Group Coordinator’s Report:  Andy’s comments are all within AOB.

10. Any Other Business:

a. The question over insurance cover was raised at the AGM. The message is that there is good cover for all activities BUT all concerned must be members of the U3A. A non-member may attend a single activity but must then join the U3A.

Action: This message will be published in the AGM minutes, the next edition of the Newsletter and individually to Group Leaders. Secretary and Group Coordinator to action.    

 b. Anne and the other members who supplied cakes were thanked.

c. It was agreed that the cost of the Christmas lunch would remain at £12 and there would be no entertainment after the meal.

d. It was agreed that the Croquet group could purchase equipment up to a value of £250.

e. The Secretary will hold the Committee Notes book recently produced by TAT.

f. It was agreed that if Margaret Bowman needed to refund the deposit from Breakers she could use U3A funds.

g.Outcome of Group Leaders’ meeting 23 May 2016.

(1) New members interests would be reviewed and if sufficient interest was identified for a specific activity those individuals would be put in touch with each other. Action: Geoff & Andy.

(2) A new members desk would be placed at the back of the hall at the monthly meetings. The new notice board would be utilised with information on each group activity. Action: Secretary and willing committee members.

(3)The website info on each group needs to be updated.

(4) Group Leaders to be encouraged to attend the monthly meetings and identify themselves to new members (at the new members desk).

(5) Group Leaders to produce a short introductory article for the News Letter explaining what they do and how to join. It was suggested that 4 or 5 groups an edition would be sufficient. Action: Jill.

(6)Other parking areas for the monthly meetings would be investigated. Action: Secretary and Anne.


All of the above to start in September.

11. Date of next meeting: 22nd August 2016 at Geoff’s house, 102 Springfield Close.



6 March 2017 – 10am

Held at 102 Springfield Close, Andover

1. Present:  Pauline Eaton, Geoff Eddy, Jill Hannington, Andy Hellyer, Anne Hellyer, David Rae, and Peter Villalard.    Apologies: Sally Weeks

 2. Minutes of Previous Meetings: The Minutes of the meeting held on 28th November 2016 were agreed and signed by the Chair.

 3. Matter arising:  

a. It was agreed to shelve the idea of shadow committee members. This subject will no longer be included in the News Letter or the AGM.

b. It was agreed that all committee members should produce notes on their responsibilities and actions required to be taken. This is to be distributed to all other committee members and will be further discussed at the next meeting.

c. The future of the Christmas lunch was discussed. It was agreed that the opinion of the members would be taken at the March monthly meeting and 3 questions would be asked:

            (1)  Would members want a Christmas lunch in the Fairground hall?

(2) Would members want to have a function at another venue at a cost of £20+ per person?

(3) The Committee is looking at creating a Christmas Lunch group. Anne Hellyer has agreed to be the leader. Would members be prepared to join?

Notwithstanding the outcome of the vote, 12th December has been identified as the date for a Christmas function.

 4. Treasurer’s Report:

a. The fund is continuing to run with an acceptable annual surplus of expenditure over income.

            b. All outstanding bills are required for the end of FY audit. 

5.  Secretary’s Report:

a. The annual insurances and entertainment authorities have been received.

b. The speakers programme for 2017- 2018 has been completed.

c. The Chair wished Committee members to peruse the TAT website for information on the TAT AGM.   

 6. Membership Secretary’s Report:  The membership stands at 516.

 7. Website Report: The site is running smoothly.

 8. Newsletter Report:

            a. The Editor is concentrating on the Spring News Letter.

b. The committee thanked Jill for getting a mention in the Third Age Matters magazine.


9. Group Coordinator’s Report:  The Choir group has attracted several members and is going strong. The Secretary suggested that they may become part of the RBL Festival of Remembrance in November.  

10. Any Other Business:

a. A new throat mike has been promised for our sole use with the refurbished sound system in the Fairground Hall.

b. The chairs will in future be put out and re-stacked by the hall caretaker at a cost of £25 per meeting. The chairs will not be put away until about 4pm which will allow members a longer time over their tea and biscuits.

c. The issue of welcoming new members was discussed. It was agreed that the longer tea period at the end of the meeting would allow new members time to mingle and to seek information from the Group Co-ordinators information desk.

d. The AGM agenda was agreed.

e. The possibility of Anton U3A members regularly attending our monthly meetings was discussed. It was agreed to closely monitor members as they signed in and obtain evidence on the size of the problem.


11. Date of next meeting: 29th May 2017 at Geoff’s house, 102 Springfield Close.