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Andy Hellyer, the current Groups Co-ordinator, has announced his intention to stand down at the next AGM due to be held in May 2018.

If anyone is interested in taking over the role of Groups Co-ordinator, please contact Andy at

The following article, first published in the Autumn 2017 Newsletter, explains both Andy's reasons for leaving and the duties of the Groups Co-ordinator.

Article by Andy Hellyer, the Groups Co-ordinator:

I have been the Groups Co-ordinator for Andover U3A for the past 6 or 7 years and I think I am probably past my ‘sell-by date’.  Because of this I have decided to give up the post, and my committee membership, and hand over to someone else who can bring a fresh approach to the job.

The problem is that, at present, there is nobody to take over. However I don’t intend to stand down until the next AGM in 2018 so there is time to sort things out.

I see the Groups Co-ordinators role as having the following elements:

Post Office   Any information that needs to be passed on to Group Leaders usually comes through me to forward on.   Sometimes this information comes from the Committee and sometimes from outside sources who think we may be interested in what they are trying to promote.   Most of this material I circulate to all Group Leaders so that they can decide if their members will have an interest.   The only items I don’t pass on are those which are blatant advertising directed at the elderly, (Apologies for using that Word).

Maintaining the Groups List   I try to keep the List of Groups up to date and accurate.   This is an impossible task because it is always changing but people are very good at informing me of changes and I try to incorporate them correctly.   I would say the groups list is probably never right at any time but is nearly right all the time.

Maintaining Contact Addresses   The same comments as above.   The problem is ensuring that the E-Mail list is the same as the Groups List

Being a Committee Member   Committees always want information to understand what is going on.   As Groups Co-ordinator I feel it is my role to keep Group Leaders unburdened by the need to supply information and statistics on their activities.  If, however, after suitable debate, I am convinced that we must ask for information I will do so.

Updating the Groups Noticeboard   I try to keep the Groups notice board relevant and timely and bring it along for the monthly meeting.

Organising the Annual Exhibition   This, for me, is not a big task. Everybody knows what to do and generally they get on with it to brilliant effect.

Encouraging the Formation of new Groups   Ideas for new groups have to be gathered and interest therein canvassed.   If there is enough, a Group Leader needs to come forward to get it off the ground.   Trying to get this moving along can be tricky and time consuming but this is what U3A is all about.   Despite the frustrations it is very rewarding when a group forms and thrives.

I have enjoyed being Groups Co-ordinator for the last few years and a part of me would like to continue but realistically it is time for someone new.   If anyone feels that they would like to take over this role please contact me and I would be pleased to help in any way I can.

Andy Hellyer.

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