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Richard Selley has recently taken over as the Groups Co-ordinator from Andy Hellyer.

Richard can be contacted by emailing him at:

The Groups Co-ordinator Role

The role of the Groups Co-ordinator is as follows:

Passage of Information

Information that needs to be passed to Group Leaders is invariably sent to the Groups Coordinator.   Information comes from 3 main sources:

The Andover U3A Committee;

Other Group Leaders;

Outside Sources.   Some of this information is useful and relevant.   Group Leaders can decide for themselves whether it is relevant to their particular group.   Some information from outside sources is blatant advertising or worse and will not be passed on.

Maintaining the Groups List

The Groups Coordinator must ensure that the Groups List is kept up to date.   It contains the following information:

Title of the Group;

Details of when and where the Group Meets;

Name of the Group Leader(s);

Appropriate and accurate e-mail Addresses and Telephone Numbers.

Member of the Andover U3A Committee

The Groups Coordinator acts as a link between Groups and the Andover U3A Committee.   The Committee needs to be appraised of any changes to the Groups and of any significant activities or problems that groups have encountered.

Groups Noticeboard

The Groups Coordinator is the custodian of the Groups Notice Board.   This will be displayed at the back of the hall at the monthly meetings.   It will display an up to date copy of the Groups List.   It will also show other information as appropriate.

Annual Exhibition

The Groups Coordinator will participate fully in the organization of the Andover U3A Annual Exhibition.

Encouraging the Formation of new Groups

Ideas for new groups are encouraged.   The Groups Coordinator will assist as much as possible to get a new group up and running, particularly by communication with the Committee and other Group Leaders.

Richard Selley,   Groups Co-ordinator.

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Page updated 3 March 2018


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