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Updated 2 February 2018


The Chairman and your Committee would like to welcome all prospective new members

Meeting for Group Leaders Tuesday 20th February

Chair of the Committee, Pauline Eaton, has invited all Group Leaders to attend a meeting on 20th February 2018.

This afternoon meeting will be held immediately after the normal monthly meeting at the Fairground Hall.

Group Leaders will be briefed on recent negotiations held between the Third Age Trust and the Charities Commission.

The results of these negotiations are expected to impact on the financial arrangements of the Andover U3A.

NB There is also expected to be some impact on the way in which individual groups manage money.

Group Leaders will also be updated on recent changes to the Data Protection laws concerning the holding of personal data.

Newsletter Editor Vacancy

Jill Hannington decided to step down after running the Newsletter very successfully for 2 years.

A replacement Editor has now been found, who will work with Herbert Gardner to produce our next edition, due May 2018.

Committee Vacancies

Anne & David Hellyer, John Oliver and Sally Weeks have given notice of their intention to stand down at the next AGM (May 2018).

Volunteers to take on the role of Vice-Chairman, Groups Co-ordinator, or general Committee member, should express their interest to our Secretary,   Peter Villalard

A replacement for the Webmaster role has now been found.

The Heart

How well do you know your own body? How it functions, what might go wrong and what could possibly be done about it?

A pilot study, arranged by David Beesan, together with Dr Tim James and Hilary Eddy, is now underway; the aim being to show how the body should function and what might fail to some degree.

The first session took place on the 23rd November at Hurstbourne Priors village hall.

Further details of this pilot study will be issued in due course.

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